The XBRL Europe family has been organising an important event in Milan on the 5th and 6th Febraury 2020 at the Chamber of Commerce of Milano (Italy).


During this event , we are pleased to present the potential and functionalities about our XBRL Data Analytics Engine as it can delivery advantages to Chamber of Commerce of several countries and more....


Dott. Andrea Lupini will be discussing about the main advantages for stakeholders at domestic and international level in using "permissionless" blockchain technology and AI with XBRL International Financial Repoting Standards (IFRS) in a Data Analytics tool-kit to prevent and monitoring credit risk situations like business crisis and insolvency through a wide range of extendable indicators with high margins and more .....  


Briefly the extensive advantages of the XBRL Data Analytics Engine UNIGIRO will be for Enterprises and Creditors increasing therefore trust and transparency in the financial ecosystem with an European standard of Financial Reporting of Indicators for Financial Analysis and Advisors.



  • Advantages for Chambers of Commerce and for the new Crisis Composition Organizations (OCRI) in Italy set by the Insolvency Law:
  1. obtaining clear and reliable information from the Consultants/Advisors of the company who are called/asked to carry out financial analysis over the financial reporting (balance sheets, income statements and financial statements)
  2. providing guaranteed indicators across domestic and international Stakeholders and therefore being transparent in the production of the Analysis of Financial Reporting
  3. creating trust across all creditors of the Enterprises while offering additional extensive economic margin for all companies to be able to reduce risks lowering costs
  4. building transparency in the global ecosystem using public financial information of corporates and communicating at zero costs towards the whole audience of creditors of an enterprise (authorities, creditors and financiers)



  • Advantages for professionals, Advisors and Enterprises:
  1. obtaining a large amount of financial information (Indicators) that can facilitate the monitoring processes over financial analysts as well as clients of enterprises while providing the possibilities to measuing financial risks and credit risk in real-time. This will be delivery advantages for stakeholders indirectly 
  2. Advisors will be able to perform more efficient comparability analysis in Benchmark analysis with an unequivocal guarantee for third parties (like Authority) in the use of reliable and official data information coming from the Public Authority Chamber of Commerce that cannot be modified
  3. transparency in the analysis of the financial statements aimed at the use of indicators to judge and evaluate certain situation of the company like the Business Crisis, but also in the assessments of Merger & Acquisition processes and Turnaround situation of an Enterprise and understand the possible actions for improvement both in economic terms than in financial terms


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