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The world day of desertification

The world day of desertification

Today 17th of June 2021 it is the world day of desertification, a fascinating environment the desert, an environment in balance with itself and despite everything full of animal and plant life.... but .... what are we talking about ? 


But desertification is another thing, the aridity that advances due to the drought, this day was wanted by the United Nations and is celebrated every 17th June obviously its purpose is to introduce new ways to combat this phenomenon concerning the planet and therefore all of us. Desertification advances and billions of people work degraded agricultural land, especially in arid lands they have limited options.

Desertification constitutes one of the major climate changes taking place and a major current environmental challenge and whose effects and progress should be immediately limited, soil degradation is usually irreversible, this threat is more visible in dry climate areas, survival in these areas of people is directly linked to the use of local natural resources for the production of food and energy, in developing countries, poverty and desertification are linked, while in developed countries such as Italy desertification, climate change and Intensive exploitation of the soils inevitably provoke predictions of biological and economic productivity of the territory.

United Nations Convention The United Nations Convention for the Fight against Drought and Desertification aims to identify and make possible: "Integrated long-term strategies focusing simultaneously, in the affected areas, on the improvement of land productivity and on the restoration, convention and sustainable management of land and water, which ultimately allow for the improvement of living conditions, in particular at the level of the community "(Art.2).

PAN - National Action Programs: drawn up by individual countries, they must identify the causes that contribute to desertification, identifying at the same time concrete intervention strategies and specifying the specific areas of action in the division of state and regional competences.


Regional and Sub-Regional Action Programs: they must integrate and strengthen the operation of the NAP, in order to coordinate national interventions in a broader international context and create synergies to be able to implement them. The countries that adhere to the Convention are divided into two parts:

Affected Countries: that is the countries to which the task of giving priority to the fight against desertification is set through the preparation and implementation of a specific National Action Program

Developed Countries: that is the countries that undertake to cooperate with Affected Countries in the developing world, through the offer of concrete financial and scientific tools






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