KPI Asset Structure ratios - XBRL Reporting Indicators

Analysing company's financial statements comprised of balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements may attempts creditors to answer several questions like:

How well the business is doing in the company ? What are its strengths ? What are its weakensses ? 

How does the company fair in its Industry ? Is the company's business improving or deteriorating ?

As commonly known the international standards splits an important value for the global community of creditors which is the value of the assets. Typically, these assets, although are quite many and different each others, are classified into five categories: current assets, long term investments, property, plant and equipment (fixed assets). 

To that extend the asset structure ratios provides an extensive set of ratios that enable a deep learning analysis on each company's capital structure and therefore the company's capital strengths. In fact these asset structure ratios includes ratios that provide metrics not only on capital asset solidity which can cleverly support the financial learning analysis in understanding how solid is the companys' equity to cover long term investments but also the overall financial structure of the company in a particular moment in time by using margins like the Net Working Capital which is commonly usued to rapresents the short-term financial structure of a company in a particular moment in time still based on the value of net assets and liabilities plus equity. 

Each indicator is designd to support vertically the global community of creditors indicating and describing the financial sustainability of the assets in use by the management of company as a piece of breakthrough and more than a publicly disclosed balance sheet that intend to describe assets owned by an entity.

To learn more about asset's capital structure margins and ratios:   

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