KPI Productivity ratios - XBRL Reporting Indicators

Analysing company's financial statements comprised of balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements may attempts creditors to answer several questions like:

How well the business is doing in the company ? What are its strengths ? What are its weakensses ? 

How does the company fair in its Industry ? Is the company's business improving or deteriorating ?

How does the company create value for its stackeholders ?

To certain extend the class of productivity ratios do not express much information about financial sustainability on the company itself neither on a short-term basis nor on a long-term basis. In fact theis class of ratios is not much used in the global financial community whose interest is more to measure returns, solidity of the assets, financial structure and liquidity.

However, the class of productivity ratios is very important for several industries and company stackeholders like the industry of transportation and related services, in particular those where authorities are direct or indirect shareholders.

The advantage of this class of ratios is therefore to inform in a transparent and cost efficient mannear the global community of stackeholders about additional information related to the productivity of the company based on the number of employees and more.

To learn more about productivity ratios:

UNIGIRO is provider of Benchmark Key Performance Indicators 

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