is a high-tech budgetary analysis engine
that offers a wide range of budgetary indicators that help to monitor and
prevent crisis and insolvency situations
within a company.

 Understanding the risks of your business today is easy with uniGiro


How does uniGiro work?

  • it monitors the economic and financial trend of its customers and suppliers 
  • it understands the financial health of a target company using 100 indicators 
  • it analyses the creditworthiness of the company using a dynamic and non-standardised Rating process
  • it chooses and selects a sample group of companies to understand the average performance values
  • it improves the business data analysis processes for Machine Learning using 100 indicators
  • it implements new professional solutions using Smart Contract 

What does uniGiro calculate and provide?

  • uniGiro thoroughly interrogates the data of every Italian Chambers of Commerce analysing up to 100 budgetary indicators of the companies of interest, thus saving costs and time.
  • uniGiro draws up detailed reports through an automated analysis process that incorporates all the methodologies used in the world of banking and private equity.
  • uniGiro maximises the transparency of the credit world for all those who have an interest in understanding and learning more about the financial soundness, economic profitability and financial solvency of a company.

Who benefits from uniGiro?

  • The uniGiro analysis engine is useful to all stakeholders wishing to monitor the economic, equity and financial performance of the company.
  • It is useful to identify which are the most reliable indicators to calculate credit scores and which, on the other hand, could be less reliable to assess the company's financial risk.
  • It is useful for those who wish to obtain a Credit-Score that is realistic and closer to the company's economic and financial situation, to the sector and to the reference market.
  • It is useful for those who wish to implement e-invoicing in an intelligent manner, in other words, as a real means of measuring the economic illiquidity risk that may arise from the supply of goods and/or services to high-risk individuals.  

Why is it essential?

  • Thanks to advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, it is an essential and indispensable tool that measures and monitors the real risk of the companies' customer portfolio.
  • It is essential for all those who need to monitor the financial and operational risk of the company and need to measure the risk in order to understand to what extent they can bear the inherent risk of the company.
UNIGIRO es un facilitador de regtech. Sus indicadores clave de rendimiento (KPI), dinámicos y extensos, impulsan el seguimiento en tiempo real de la sostenibilidad financiera, mejorando las herramientas de tecnología de gestión de riesgos y la gobernanza social corporativa.

MONITORING ENTERPRISE CREDIT RISK: el primer XBRL kit de herramientas del motor de análisis de datos inteligente para el análisis de riesgo financiero que facilita a los acreedores e inversores el seguimiento de la solvencia crediticia y la sostenibilidad financiera de la empresa.

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